Friday, February 24, 2012

Novels for Secret Spankos

The invention of the Kindle was a God-send for secret spankos. For all readers of smut, actually, but this blog isn't about them. In the old days, if you wanted to read a spanking novel, you had to go into an actual bookstore and buy it in front of people, avoid eye contact with the salesperson ringing up your purchase, and then you could only read it in secret. Then there was Amazon, and you could buy your spanko novels secretly, but you still had to find a place to stash them. And you could only read them at home, and only when kids weren't around, and you had to be super-careful about not setting it down and forgetting about it. And then there was the Kindle. And now you can buy AND read spanking books while sitting right there on the bleachers next to the other soccer moms! Being the model of discretion that I am, I prefer spanking books with titles and cover art that don't give away they are spanking books. That way, if someone inadvertently gets a peek at my Kindle, my vanilla cover isn't blown. So like, even though I would absolutely love to read a book like this:

Or this:

I won't download those. However, books like this:

and this:

pass my secret spanko test!

I recommend both of those, by the way. Lily Mine is actually one of the better spanking romances I've ever read. The plot is a bit silly and predictable, but not any more than any standard, run-of-the mill bodice-ripper. The writing is above-average though, and the spanking scenes are hot! It's more bdsm play than punishment spankings, but it doesn't read like porn, it reads like romance. Definitely worth the buy. 1883 isn't quite as good, but still worth reading. The writing is only okay, and it starts off kind of annoying in terms of unbelievable characters and flat spanking scenes. But it gets better.

Anyone else have any Secret Spanko reading recommendations?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Welcome to my new blog!!  As the name of my blog suggests, I'm a secret spanko.  I know, I know.  If it's such a secret, then why blog about it?  Well, because while there are a bazillion blogs for those wanting food for fantasies and for hard-core fetishists, there just aren't enough blogs and websites for the subtle spanking enthusiast.  And I'm all about subtlety.

Let me give you an example.  I like spanking play to feel "real" and spontaneous.  Nothing new there, almost all spankos feel that way.  But then so many of us keep all our spanking stuff in one place in a bedroom drawer.  Retrieving an implement from a drawer full of other implements always felt artificial to me.  So I've made sure there are at least a couple of spanking implements in every room of my house.  Out in the open and accessible, but incorporated into the function and/or decor of the room.  For example, in my office, I have a ruler sitting right there in my pencil-holder-cup thingy.  I've never once used it to measure anything (if I need to measure something, I use a tape measure).  But a ruler is very office-y and very smarty.  (Did you catch the double entendre there with the word smarty?)  And not only is it convenient to always have a spanking implement within easy reach, it's cool to have the visual reminders everywhere too.  I spend a lot of time on the computer and therefore I glance at that ruler there in my pencil-holder-cup thingy constantly, remembering past damage and awaiting (dreading?) future meetings.

Disclaimer:  This is not my actual desk.  It is just a picture from the Internet that kinda-sorta looks like my desk and allows me to give you a visual representation of my office without actually posting a picture of my actual desk in my actual office.  I'm a SECRET spanko, remember?

If you don't already have a spanking ruler, I highly recommend getting one.  Make sure it's wooden and somewhat thick (mine's 1/4" thick).  I got mine off of Amazon, which I have linked below.  If you purchase one off of Amazon, it would be awesome if you'd enter Amazon through my link so I get a penny or two.